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Eco Collection

Eco Collection

Our Eco Collection has been developed using natural fabrics which have been made with the lowest environmental impact in mind. Natural fibres are breathable so need less laundering, are made from renewable resources, and are biodegradable at end of life. From billowy shirts to relaxed pants, each piece is soft to the touch, breathable and biodegradable at the end of their useful life.


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    Our viscose pieces are made using Lenzing™ EcoVero™ fibres;

    - Derived from certified, traceable sustainable forests
    - Half the emissions, energy and water use in the manufacturing process compared to traditional viscose production
    - Made with fibre that complies with the stringent sustainability requirements as laid down by the EU Ecolabel

    And our cotton pieces are made from organic cotton;

    - Organically farmed, eliminating the use of toxic chemicals which prevents soil degradation, water pollution and ensures farmer wellbeing
    - Manufactured using an air wash finishing process, which gives our cotton its soft hand feel
    - The air wash finishing process uses less water and chemicals by using high intensity wind and steam to finish the garment, creating a soft, wearable garment with a lower environmental impact than traditional cotton processing