Reward Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join?

There are three really easy ways to join Postie+ Rewards:

  • Create an online account at and you’ll automatically become a member
  • Download the Postie+ App from the Apple or Google Play stores and choose the ‘Join’ option
  • Let one of the team know you’d like to join when you’re next in-store


Do I need a member card?

An actual card is not needed when you are online or on the Postie+ App.  In-store the teams can use your name, email address or mobile phone number if you do not have your card or App handy.

If you join online or via the member app, you will receive your own ‘virtual’ account number, which works like a card, to find and identify your account.

If you join in-store you can get a Rewards card that will make it quick and easy for team members to find your account when you visit.

Should you lose your card or want an actual card after joining online, just visit any store and they will help you replace or get a new card.


What are rewards?

Rewards are a fixed amount of money with an expiry date that you can use as a discount on products purchased either online or in-store. There are lots of simple ways to earn rewards.


How do I get rewards?

Shopping Rewards

  • Shop* 4 times and get a $10 reward

Bonus Rewards

  • Get a bonus $5 reward for a $50 shop*
  • Get a bonus $15 reward for a $100 shop*

Birthday Reward

  • If you let us know your birthday, you’ll get a $10 special reward for your birthday

* Shopping Rewards: when you spend a daily minimum of $10 on 4 separate days. Bonus Rewards: when you spend a minimum of $50 or $100 in a day.  Limit of one bonus reward per day.

In each instance, spend is calculated after returns and excludes delivery charges, gift cards and discounts from redemption of previous rewards.  Rewards available within 48 hours from qualifying purchase.  See T&C’s for further details


Can I earn a reward if I redeem a reward in the same transaction?

Yes, you can earn rewards depending on the amount you have spent after all your rewards and any other discounts have been taken off.


When can I spend my rewards?

As soon as your rewards show in your account, you are able to spend them.


How long does it take for my rewards to appear in my account?

Rewards will be available on your account for you to redeem within 48 hours of your qualifying purchase or action.


What happens if my rewards are not showing in my account within 48 hours?

In this happens, please contact Postie Customer Service and have your member email address and the details of your qualifying purchase handy. Please contact us via phone 0800 767 843, the Postie Facebook page or by email


Do rewards expire?

All rewards have an expiry date, usually 30 days from the date of issue. Some rewards have different expiry lengths though which are visible on your My Rewards page and, unless you do not consent to receive emails from us, the relevant reward email.


Where can I check my reward balance and expiry date?

Your reward balance can be viewed at any time on your Postie+ Rewards account page online at or the Postie+ App. The expiry date for your rewards will also be on this page.


Will all my purchases appear on my account page?

Only your recent online orders will appear on your My Rewards page at For a complete purchase history, please contact


Am I notified of new rewards and told when rewards will expire?

Yes, you will be notified by email when you receive a new reward and when any unused rewards are about to expire unless you do not consent to receive emails from us. So keep an eye on your inbox and check your Postie+ Rewards account page regularly. We may also send push notifications if you are using the member mobile app.  

We will not accept liability for loss or damage relating to Postie+ Rewards or your participation in the programme, including any email communication to you that is misdirected, lost or not received. Please see the full Terms & Conditions for full liability details.


I have signed up but am not receiving emails.          

Check your junk folder to make sure that Postie+ emails are not going there. You will then need to change these emails to “safe” or a similar setting to make sure they go to your inbox.

Alternatively, if the emails are not in your junk folder, check to see whether you have consented to receive emails from us and, if you haven’t, update your member profile.


Can I redeem my rewards online?

Make sure you are logged into your account and at checkout you can then choose to redeem some or all of your reward balance.


I joined Rewards when I was in-store and don’t know how to set up my online account.

When you join Rewards in-store a temporary password was sent to the email address you gave us.  If you still have that email, use that password. If you no longer have it, go online and using the email address you joined in-store with login and click the ‘forgot password’ option to get another temporary password sent to you.


What if I want to set up my online account but don’t have or can’t remember my password?

That’s not a problem.  Just enter your email address and click on the ‘forgot password’ option and a new, temporary password will be sent to you so you can set up your online account and choose the password you want. If you joined when you were in-store, enter the email address you used when you joined.


How do I update my details?

You can update your details by simply:

  • Logging into the website or the Postie+ App using your details (ie email and password)
  • If you don’t know your password, just follow the ‘Forgot Password’ prompts in either the site or app
  • The in-store teams can also help update your details at the till


What happens if I return an item?

Once an item is returned its value is removed from your overall transaction history which may affect future benefits.


Can rewards be used on sale items?

Yes, rewards earned can generally be used on any Postie products even when these are on sale

You cannot use rewards to pay for delivery charges or to purchase gift cards. We also reserve the right to exclude the use of rewards to purchase other items or certain promotions.


Can I use my friends rewards + my rewards in the same transaction?

No rewards cannot be passed between members. You can only use rewards you have earned on your own account.


Can I get a store credit for my rewards?

No, rewards cannot be exchanged for store credit.


Can I exchange my rewards for gift cards?

No, gift cards cannot be purchased with earned rewards.


Can I purchase a gift card and get rewards for this?

No. Gift card purchases do not qualify for rewards.


When I purchase something using a gift card does it count towards receiving any rewards?

Yes, the value of any purchase goes towards your rewards and may qualify you for a reward even if you use a gift card as part/all of your method of payment.


I don't have or do not want to give my email address.

A unique email address is a requirement when joining Postie+ Rewards so you can be contacted for administrative purposes if needed.  It is also how you will receive updates about new rewards you have received or reward expiry dates. You can opt out of receiving these emails if you want.

If you do not want or are unable to supply an email address, you can still find out about Postie+ sales and offers by visiting the Postie+ website, becoming a Postie fan on Facebook or downloading our Postie+ App on the Apple App or Google Play Store.


I don't have or do not want to give out my mobile phone number.

Your mobile number is recommended as it can be used to quickly identify you in-store and, on occasion, we may also use this to contact you if we are unable to reach you via email.


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