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From a single store nestled on the edge of the West Coast goldfields, Postie has journeyed from the dirt roads and green hills of the Coast into the hearts of New Zealanders everywhere. For 110 years you’ve been there for us. And for that we thank you. Thx NZ!

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110 years ago, Postie was born on the wild west coast.

From a single store at the edge of the West Coast in the town of Reefton, Postie has grown with our beautiful country to become a part of the fabric of New Zealand life.

For over a century you have invited us into your homes.

You’ve made us part of your family. You’ve let us clothe your kids and keep you warm in the cooler seasons. We’ve gathered around roaring campfires with you, walked along wild beaches with you and rambled through high-grassed fields with you.

Family Matters

Thomas Dellaca opened that first store in Globe Hill in 1909.

And for generations his children and grandchildren built the business that became Postie.

It’s why Postie today means style, quality and value that you can trust for your family, every single beautiful day.

Over a century a business like Postie sees both good times and tough times. You’ve believed in us when we’ve needed you to. For that we are eternally thankful.

Let’s celebrate 110 years together. Thx NZ!

Click through to see a timeline of Postie's 110 year history....